Keith D. Kosco Knows the Value of Heading for Open Waters

Keith D. Kosco Knows the Value of Heading for Open Waters

Keith Kosco can add a little “splash” to your backyard.

The Williamsburg, VA native serves as the Marketing Director for New Pool Logic. The industry-leading company sells and installs in-ground, fiberglass pools across 33 states. Over the years, Keith Kosco has earned a reputation for his sales expertise and received several awards, including the prestigious Million Dollar Round Club Sales Award.

But it’s not all business. Keith Kosco doesn’t need to give the “hard sale.” Because owning a swimming pool is rewarding on its own. He has experienced firsthand the tangible benefits these can provide. There are countless reasons to own a pool.

With this in mind, Keith Kosco floats out eight reasons everyone should install a pool today.

Throw a poolside event

Who doesn’t love a pool party? Be the envy of your neighbors by having the best hangout on the block. A swimming pool is a perfect place for a backyard barbeque or other social event. People of all ages can enjoy the water. Bonus: you won’t have to worry about entertaining guests.

Bring the family together

But it doesn’t have to be a large-scale throwdown. Make lasting memories with your family too. Pools unite the entire family in a safe environment. Kids and their friends can swim, play, laugh, and enjoy the outdoors while under your supervision.

Improve physical health

Save on a gym membership. Owning (and using) a pool brings countless health benefits. Swimming requires more exertion than most other exercises. Just a couple of laps a day will burn calories and build strength. But Keith Kosco points out that exercising in the water is also lower impact, reducing wear and tear on joints and muscles.

Boost mental health

The results are more than just physical. Swimming is therapeutic. The warm waters are ideal for reducing anxiety and depression. Diving into a pool is an instant mood changer. Sleep also improves. The energy spent swimming will enable you to rest more easily at night.

Relax and cool off

You and your family are sure to have fun in the sun, but you deserve a break too. Nothing is more relaxing on a hot summer day than taking a dip in clear, blue waters. Let a new pool become your escape.

Build a backyard paradise

A pool can also be your oasis. A well-designed installation isn’t just a circular vat of water. Think outside the box by incorporating waterfalls, deck jets, colored lighting, fire pits, and other amenities.

Increase home’s value

Most renovations or additions increase a property’s value, but a pool breaks the bank. While there are a variety of factors to consider, recent studies have estimated that a pool adds 5 to 8% to your home’s worth. A pool makes your property more attractive to potential buyers.

Invest in fun

Keith Kosco reminds us that a pool is a financial commitment. But it may save you money in the long run, especially if you have a pool heater. Added bonus: a heater extends swim time for additional months well past summer. Pools are a lot cheaper than big, expensive vacations. A stay-cation is right out the back door at a fraction of the cost.

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